Arabic Learning

Most interactive online Arabic Language program

      Iqra Quran Academy's online Arabic language library of courses is the most extensive, interactive and
      engaging library  available anywhere in the world, spanning Arabic courses for all age-groups, interests
      and proficiency levels. Our 23,000+  global community of Arabic Language learners will make your
      experience here all the more compelling.

      Courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic
      When you join our online Arabic program, you can choose to work on one or more of the following
      course-tracks. Your access  is unlimited and you can work on each all the way through the most
       advanced levels of proficiency.

      - Modern Standard Arabic
      - Quranic Arabic
      - Colloquial Arabic
      - Business Arabic
      - Speaking Classes (Arabic language) Arab Culture & Islam

      Loaded with features to get you conversational right away
      When you register, you get access to:

      - Animated interactive lectures
      - Instant translation
      - 1000s of engaging exercises
      - Online Arabic dictionary
      - Personal teacher attention
      - Online student community
      - Vocabulary drills
      - Optional placement test
      - Instructor support & feedback
      - Course certificates

Arabic Learning
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Memorization of Quran
Quran Tafseer
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