About Us

We provide online Quran learning services in a dynamic way. We specialize in guaging the requirements of each individual student and offer them lessons that are customized to their specific Quran learning needs, at Marifat-ul-Quran Academy we understand that each student has his own aptitude, grasp on the subject being taught and interst level and thus we take up classes based out on these fundamental concepts.
We have a puropse built facility which is tailored to provide these classes in the best way possible, furthermore, we have a technologically advanced setup providing round the clock service to a long list of satisfied students worldwide. We are backed by our own software development and technical support department to provide unhindered connectivity and virtually 0% downtime.

       Typically, our lectures cater for the following:

      - Quran Reading, Quran Learning & Quran Understanding.
      - Tajweed Rules.
      - Basic Arabic Lessons.
      - Recitation of Quran with Arabic accent. (Qirat & Tajweed)
      - One-on-One live classes
      - Professional and well qualified teachers.
      - Parents can watch while the kids are taking the class.
      - Easily affordable with No Registration and Admission fee.
      - Convenient and Easy Quran learning at home.
      - Latest technology equipped lesson rooms and virtual centers.
      - Our technical staff can assist you if you run into any technical issues.

      Audio and screen sharing software enable the Quran teacher and student to communicate and see the
      same Quran lesson on their computer screens during Quran classes . Our Well-versed Quran teachers
      are highly trained and have extensive experience of teaching Quran online.

      Every one can try our 3 Days Free Trial classes which are absolutely free and without any obligations.
      No Registration/Admission fee, further continuity depends upon your satisfaction

Arabic Learning
Fiqah & Hadith
Memorization of Quran
Quran Tafseer
Quran Translation
Urdu Learning

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