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Quran Majeed is the book of God. He revealed this book on His last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Quran is the best of all divine books reason being that when God revealed His last book, God took the responsibility of its safeguard. Therefore, Quran has been preserved in the same form as revealed by God and it will always be. God has sent Quran for the guidance of the universe and it is a source of guidance. Thus, it is said in Quran, there is guidance for people in Quran. Quran has been revealed in Arabic language. Quran is for every one whether Arabs or non-Arabs. It is necessary for non-Arabic to understand Quran what God tells us in Quran. What are the teachings of Islam. As long as we don’t understand the true meaning of Quran, how can we act according to the orders of our God. Thus, it has become essential for non-Arabs to understand Quran in their own languages.

       Just like non-Arabs, it is also necessary for Arabs to understand the true meaning of Quran’s teachings.
       Because there are several words used in Quran cannot be understood fully by knowing their literal
       meanings only. Just like Sala’at, Zaka’at, and Hajj etc. are such words that we cannot understand them
       only by knowing their literal meanings. Therefore, even Arabs are also handicapped of ‘Tafseer’ as well as
       ‘translation’ in order to understand the real meaning and teachings of our God in Qur’an.

        Keeping in mind the consideration of spreading the word of God to all the people around the world, this
       course of Qur’an with translation has been designed to cater all Muslims. In this course, Quran will be taught
       with translation as well as ‘Tafseer’. If God wills, it will be easier for everyone who takes this course to
       understand Qur’an and the orders stated in Quran.


         * Translation in Arabic, Urdu & English is available

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